Have you ever wondered where different modes should be operated, what frequencies to avoid as a courtesy (like SSTV), etc? This site will be the database for the following: 1) known net frequencies, 2) known segments for different modes, 3) known beacons



By Band:All 160m 80m 75m 60m 40m 30m 20m 17m 15m 12m 10m 6m 
By Type: 10-10 Intl CW Calling Frequenc 10-10 Net International 24h Finnlands only national calling frequency on 80 mtr 2nd FM Simplex 3905 Century Club 3RN TFC NET 4 PMRS 60m 6M AM calling 6M DX Net 6M SSB Net 72 Rag Chew 80m SSTV  AFSN AGCW QTC Airborn ham-pilots ALE All mode AM AM European Net AM in Australia AM Italian net AM Net AM Traffic Net AM WINDOW AM WORKING Amateur Bullitins Amateur Radio Telegraph Society Amsat net AMTOR Antique Wireless Association ANZA DX Net ANZA dxnet APRS APRS Robust Packet OFDM Arizona Traffic and Emergency Net ARRL Skipnet Automatic awards net Awful Awful Ugly Net BC Public Service Net Beacon Beacons BPSK31 Breakfast Club Net Buckeye Net Calif Emerg Svcs Net Calling Calling/QSOs Canada National SSB Carrier Net Chart for Vietnam vets Chinese CHIP64 Clearing House Net Collins Net Country Hams Net County Hunting Net CQ-QSO CW CW Beacon CW calling in VK CW Elmers CW QRS cw-rtty-psk, etc CW/SSB 60m Daily SSB net DELAWARE TRAFFIC NET Digi Modes digimodes Digital Digital Data Modes Digital Modes Digital SSTV Digital Voice  Digital Voice Communications DigiVoice DominoEX DSSTV/DVOICE dutch ham net DX Window East Coast ARS Eastern Area Net Ecars Elecraft Net Elecraft Users SSB EMCOMM Emergency Emergency / general communications Empire Slow Speed Net EPAEPTN/EPA NTS ESSB  Experimental FAX Feld Hell FISTS FL AM Group FlexRadio Users Net Flying Hams FM Simplex Friendly 7.188 Net  Friendly 7.188 Net friendship - ragchew - handle traffic if available FSK31 FSK441A Gallops Island Net Georgia State Traffic GERATOL Geratol Net German maritime mobile net intermar Get togethers Gold City Chapter of 10-10 Green daily net 02:00z GreenGroup Greyhair Net Gulf Coast Mullet Society ham emcomm Ham Radio CW net HamDRM Hellschreiber HF Packet HFPACK HFpack USB calling primary HHH Net HI FIVERS NET High Speed Club Hit and Bounce Net Hit and Bounce Slow Net HongKong Hurricane Watch IN CW Nets Informal ragchew net Intercontinental Traffic Net (Intercon) International Assistance and Traffic Net International Mr. Nino (IT9RYH) and company frequency.  IOTA Irish fixedfixed 60m channel (canno QSY) Japan Digital Window JT-65 JT65 JT65-A JT65A JT6M JT9 K6YR Kansas Weather Net Kentucky Friday Night RagChew Little Red Barn Net Local and Provincial SSB nets  Lower Common Lower Ragcew light usage Mabuhay DX net Maritime Maritime Mobile Net Maryland Emergency Phone Net Maryland Slow Net MDD TFC NET MEPT_JT MEPT_JT/WSPR MFSK16 MFSK16 (Region 2) Midwest ARS midwest rag chew Military backpack radio Morning Net MS PHONE NET MSN MD TFC & TNG MT63 N. American Traffic & Awards Net NAQCC FRN NATA Net National nets NBEMS nets NC ARES Net NCDXF Beacons NET net control Net Operation NET14 APRS WW.NET Network 105 New England Phone Net New Jersey Slow Net New York Phone Net New York Public Operations Net New York State County Net New York State CW Net Early Cycle 4 New York State CW Net Late Cycle 4 New York State CW Net Morning Cycle 1 New York State Phone Traffic and Emergency Net NoonTime Net NTS NTS NJ Phone Net NVIS-Beacon Ohio Rag Chew Net Ohio Single Sideband Net Old Codgers Net Olivia olivia 32/1000 Olivia MT-63 OMIK Net OMISS OMISS 40 meter net OMISS 80m Net Omiss Net Ontario Phone Net (NTS) ONTARS Net Orange County (NC) Monday night OTH Gang  Pacific Dx Window Pacific Maritime mobile Service Net pacific seafarersnet Packet Pactor3 Pajama Gang paNBEMS PAX PAX2 Placer County ARES Propagation tracking Propnet PSK31 psk31 PSK31/Digital PSK63 pskmail PSKMAIL EUROPE pskmail/aprs servers QFN FL TFC NET QMN  QPSK31 QRP QRSS, DFCW, WOLF, Jason QSY Society Net Radio Scout Frequency Ragchew ragchew (24x7) RAGCHEW - EU Ragchewing & DX Razorback Net Reference Remote control Repeater inputs Repeater outputs Repeaters RNARS Calling-Frequency Robust Packet TELPAC BBS DB0UAL ROS Rotten Apples RTTY RVSU - YO EmComm Saskatchewan 80M ARES Net Saskatchewan Public Service Net Saskatchewan Weather Net Satellite downlink SATERN Second Region Net Section ARES SELCALL SK Public Service SKCC SNOW BIRDS NET  South Coast Amateur Radio Service SouthBEARS SouthBears Net Southeastern AM Radio Club SRAL SSB SSB 60m SSB segment Australia SSB/CW SSTV SSTV analog SSTV BEACON SSTV Repeater Sun Rise Net Ten Ten Net Ten-Ten Net International nets Tennessee SSB Net The Brothers Net THOR THOR 4-22 Throb Traffic Traffic Net Traffic Net West Virginia Tri-Town Amateur Radio Club Alumni Group Trivia+Bologna Net UFO Net UK 60m UK All mode UK All modes Upper Common, RSGB NewsNet Utah Beehive NET V4 W1AW W1AW Digital W6ADO WAB net WARFA Waterway CW Net Waterway Net Western MA Emergency Net WI Traffic Nets Winmor Testing Wisconsin Traffic Nets WPSS wrong button club WSPR WSPR (Worldwide) YL System YSSN NET ZL2KO Net 


FrequenciesSegment/Net nameModeCommentsWebsite
28000-28025DX WindowCWCW 
28052RNARS Calling-FrequencyCWCW Ham Stations wishing to contact Royal Naval Amateur Radio Society pse use this freq. for CW contact on this band: not exclusiveNil
28052RNARS Calling-FrequencyCWCW Ham Stations wishing to contact Royal Naval Amateur Radio Society pse use this freq. for CW contact on this band: not
28052RNARS Calling-FrequencyCWNon-RNARS callers welcome to
28056.5County Hunting NetCW
28063-28070Feld HellDigital
28065CQ-QSOCWFrequency to do CQ-QSO Runs
28076OliviaDigitalDial Frequency USB. OLIVIA CALLING FREQUENCY - 500/16 Audio Center Frequency=750Hz
28076JT65ADigital+/- 1 khz on USB 
28076JT65DigitalUSB dial freq.
28100-28110Feld HellDigital
2810110-10 Intl CW Calling FrequencCW  
28117DominoEXDigitalfor for audio offset @ 1kHz: use USB and TRX displayed as 28116 kHz 
28118.8Propagation trackingDigitalPropNET is an ad-hoc 2-way RF-based digital communication network whose activity is reported on the Internet for the purpose of propagation tracking.
28118.8Propnet PSK31DigitalPropnet Automatically Controlled Digital Station
28120-28150AutomaticDigitalAutomated Digital Stations - Region 1 (500Hz Bandwidth)
28120-28189AutomaticDigitalAutomated Digital Stations
28126-28126.2WSPRDigitalWhisper WSPR Weak Signal Propagtion Reporting - Low Power Levels used
28140-28142PacketCWAPRS at 28.140 USB dial (1700 Hz CF)
28146ALEOtherALE data, sounding. Amateur Radio ALE is USB standard Automatic Link Establishment 2.2kHz Bandwidth
28146-28149ALEDigital28146.0kHz USB Global ALE High Frequency Network (HFN) provides HF internet messaging connectivity, HF to SMS cellphone mobile texting, HF-to-HF text relay, selective calling, and interoperability 24/7/365
28180Radio Scout FrequencyCW
28185ROSDigital28.185 and 28,295  
28200NCDXF BeaconsCW
28225.5-28228.5ROSDigitalVFO Dial Frequency = 28225.5 kHz USB - ROS digital mode - weak signal 
28242CW BeaconCW24/7 Operation
28300-28320AutomaticOtherAutomated Stations - IARU Region 1 (2700Hz Bandwidth)
28327.5ALEOtherALE voice. Amateur Radio ALE is USB standard Automatic Link Establishment 2.2kHz Bandwidth
28327.5HFPACKSSB- USB - HF Portable Calling Frequency - Mobile- Portable - Base - Marine - Aero
28327.5SELCALLOtherUSB - Amateur SELCALL - UPPER SIDEBAND Dial Frequency - Selective Calling CCIR 493 - 1700Hz 100baud, for use with SSB Voice
28337Ohio Rag Chew NetSSBWill get more active when cycle kicks up. 
28370CQ-QSOSSBFrequency to do CQ-QSO Runs
28380Ten Ten NetSSBhttp://ten-ten.org
28380Ten-Ten Net International netsSSB28800 is one of the two frequencies used for nets by 10-10 Net International
28385Kentucky Friday Night RagChewSSBKentucky Friday Night RagChew Every Friday Night At 8:00 PM Eastern Time. Everyone Welcome  
28390Radio Scout FrequencySSB
28400CallingSSBUSB calling 
28416AFSNSSBAmerican Foreign Service Net - Sundays @ 1600z until 1630z KF7E is Net Control
28425Gold City Chapter of 10-10SSBNet @ 1700 UTC
28450Orange County (NC) Monday nightSSBOrange County (NC) Monday night net@2000Lhttp://www.ncocra/org
28450EmergencyCWWICEN - Emergency communications support & training in Australia (VK)
28450EmergencySSBCORRECTION to Mode - sorry. WICEN - Emergency communications support & training in Australia (VK)
28490Pacific Dx WindowSSBVery popular around the pacific 
28677SSTV RepeaterOtherWB9KMW Repeater &
28677SSTV BEACONOtherSSTV Beacon 
28800Ten Ten NetSSBhttp://ten-ten.org
2880010-10 Net InternationalSSB28800 is one of the two frequencies used for nets by 10-10 Net International
288856M DX NetCW6M DX Liaison Frequency 
29000AMAM10m AM Calling Frequency
29050Collins NetAMSunday PM once band
29200-29300AutomaticOtherAutomated Stations - IARU Region 1 (6kHz Bandwidth)
29300FM SimplexFMJA FM Simplex Calling Frequency 
29300-29510Satellite downlinkOther  
295002nd FM SimplexFMWhen 29600 is busy - stations go here 
29600FM SimplexFM  

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